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Freitag, 23. Dezember 2016

Nedko's wildlife 2016

My wildlife year started in Japan. Hokkaido is like winter paradise for nature-fans. Among the most spectacular species  are Steller's eagles and white-tailed eagles. White-tailed eagles are smaller but much more aggressive than the biggest eagles in the world, the Steller's eagles, as you can see on the pictures above. The last picture sows how a hungry red fox was hunting the juvenile Steller's eagle.

The red-crowned cranes at their sleeping sites with the first sun-rays. Mating crane, the bird of fortune white in white.

The biggest Fish-Owl in the World is fishing in Rausu on Hokkaido. Blackinston's owl.


Island Beach State Park in New  Jersey, maybe the best place on the east coast to see red foxes. On this day I was lucky to see also waxwings. February 2016, (pictures above)

Bavarian Forest , March 2016: European bison, eagle owl, capercaillie, lynx and wolf with snow.

Florida, Naples March 2014: burrowing owl, reddish egret, white ibis, osprey, dolphin

Hungarian-Austrian Border, April 2016. The great bustard is the heaviest flying bird in the world.  On the first picture above a mating cock. The roebuck next to the big cock on the second picture adds some sense of scale. Male hares on the 3rd picture.

Germany, May 2016:Taxi mama merganser, reed bunting and a blue throat


Oulu, Finland, May 2016

Vancouver Island, June 2016, juvenile humpback wale and orcas,


June, 2016, Lake Clark, Alaska

Spain, September 2016: Cheetah and Caracal

London, Bushy Park and Richmond Park, Rutting red deer.