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Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016

Nedko's Nightscapes 2016

My nightscape of the year is with no doubt the Delicate Arch in Arches NP, Utah. There I planned 4 overnight stays to increase my chance for clear skies over the Arches... and during the last night only the dear Lord cleared the sky and showed me the ;ilky Way over the Delicate Arch. August 4th 2016

In 2015, I was in NYC, too, to see the 4th of July fireworks but choose a spot in Brooklyn Park between Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge. It was great spot but, unfortunately, I could not really see the fireworks. This year I choose a spot at the Brooklyn Heights and had fantastic views. This is a composition-picture made of 5 photos of this night. NYC. July 4th.

 One of the most spectacular places for night photography is Zermatt in Switzerland. Last year, I tried twice to visit Zermatt but the weather goddess was not with me both times, so I skipped it. Lake Stelly with Matterhorn reflection and the Milky Way. September 2016

 Grand Canyon, North Rim August 2016. A perfect thunder storm occures this night maybe 50-60 miles away. This picture is a multiple exposure of  7 frames. There were many flashes of lightning that night but most of them did not hit the ground.

 The night of the shooting stars. Bryce Canyon August 12, 2016.

 I designed this picture in my head two years ago... And it took me a lot of time to realize my project. Finally, in October 2016 I visited The City of London. I was there to see the rutting deers in Richmond park, but took my time also for this shot. This photo is a multiple exposure out of 7 frames.

 Richmond Bridge October 2016. Blue hour.

 Toad stool, Arizona August 2016. Behind me was the rising moon and litt up the red stones.

 The big moon over Munich, the BMW Tower, the BMW Museum and the BMW World. This picture is a composition of one multiple exposure picture @14mm for the scenery and one picture @900mm for the rising Moon.

 Me scanning the sky of Arizona. August 2016.

Dolomites, August 2016
Nyhavn, Copenhagen, June 2016


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