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Samstag, 7. November 2015

Spending two hours with the foxes on IBSP and why networking is so important.

Visiting my wife Anja in NJ, I convinced her to visit Maryland and to spend the weekend there. She found a very nice hotel with a SPA for her which gave me the opportunity to photograph bald eagles fishing in Conowingo Dam. This will be theme for another  blog.

At Conowingo Dam, I was happy to meet Peter, an American photographer from the neighborhood. Speaking about photography, I asked him to tell me about good spots.  I got the hint, that in the Island Beach State Park IBSP, there is a great opportunity to see red foxes. In November they changed already their pelt and got this beautiful orange thick winter pelt, so I decided to spent some hours there.

Coming home, I started my researches on Google, afterwards I checked pictures on FB, FLICKR, G+ and 500pix, to see what kind of lens I would need there. It seemed to be 70-200mm. To be on the safe side I took one TC 2.0 III with me, which was a very good decision.  I found also a blog from Ray Hennessey and was very sure that I'm well prepared to found them.

On Friday, I finished my work in the early afternoon as my days usually start at 4am in the U.S. because of my jetlag. It took me an hour to drive there. I paid the 5$ admission fee and there were no more hurdles for fun to start immediately...

The Park is mainly used by fisherman, a lot of fisherman... Foxes will wait until at least 4 pm as at that time most of the day-visitors are gone. You don't have to search for them, just drive the only way in the park up and down and they will find you.

Waiting for the foxes to come I took some pictures:

 Burnt down wood from beach fire made by the fishermen
 Barnegat light
 Dune grass
 Dune plants
 Savannah sparrow
 Herring gull pointing out the rules in the park

Fishermen will spend the night on the beach
I had time until 5pm only as I had to drive back and to pick up my wife Anja from work. So it was time for the foxes to finally show up...